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Coda™ Genderless Endless Promise® Down Mummy Sleeping Bag



With NEMO’s signature quality and innovation, Coda™ represents a new vision of what ultralight sleeping bags can be. Inspired by the traditional tapered mummy bag, Coda has a sleek, streamlined silhouette that shaves excess material and weight wherever possible — but doesn’t stop there. A mono-polymer design, Coda also meets our Endless Promise® standard and can be fully recycled at the end of its life.

Coda’s single, asymmetrical front zip integrates with the all-new Headwall™ internal draft guard to provide 360-degree protection. A plush, insulated collar, Headwall wraps around the back of the neck and cozily overlaps itself in front to efficiently block cold air while creating a uniquely comfortable experience. Balancing the front zipper is a single Thermo Gill™ vent, enabling fine-tuned temperature control. With internal and external zippers, the Thermo Gill incrementally releases body heat without direct exposure to the cold. For additional, instant ventilation, or simply to let your feet poke out, the footbox also features a zippered opening.

Highlighting the clean design are strategically placed vertical and horizontal baffles to optimize warmth and comfort while preventing migration of the 800 FP, RDS-certified, water-resistant down. This premium down is ideal for frigid conditions and packs down incredibly small, making Coda a versatile option for both ultralight backpacking and mountaineering trips.

Manufactured from a single type of material, this sleeping bag is 100% recyclable when it can no longer be repaired or resold — just send it back to NEMO, and we’ll handle the rest.

A unisex bag, Coda calls out both the Limit temperature rating and the Comfort temperature rating in its name. Per industry standards, the Limit rating (the first number referenced in the series) is considered the benchmark for men, while the Comfort rating (the second number referenced in the series) is considered most applicable to women. For a complete explanation of how to interpret these numbers, read our blog here.



  • Efficient, tapered mummy design cuts excess weight for ultimate packability.
  • All-new Headwall™ internal draft guard provides 360-degree insulated, plush protection from the cold.
  • Updated Thermo Gill™ vent extends the comfort range and creates fine-tuned control with its multistage zipper system.
  • NEMO takes full responsibility for all Endless Promise® products, from production to end of life, and designs them for 100% recyclability to keep out of the landfill.
  • Filled with premium 800 FP hydrophobic, PFAS-free, RDS-certified down. Products certified to the Responsible Down Standard (RDS) contain down or feathers from farms certified to animal welfare requirements.
  • Hood and footbox are reinforced with recyclable, waterproof material to prevent tent condensation from soaking into the bag's fabric.
  • Zippered opening at the foot of the bag allows direct access and instant ventilation.
  • Streamlined Cohaesive™ hood cinch hardware is bonded to the material and more integrated into the bag's design than traditional dangling designs.
  • Protected by the NEMO Lifetime Warranty.

Included With Your Sleeping bag

  • Compression Sack
  • Drawstring Mesh Storage Bag