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Resolve™ 15L Endless Promise® Technical Active Daypack

Resolve™ 15L Endless Promise® Technical Active Daypack
Resolve™ 15L Endless Promise® Technical Active Daypack
Resolve™ 15L Endless Promise® Technical Active Daypack



A simplified pack for swift ascents, the fully recyclable Resolve™ 15L daypack features a revolutionary set of NEMO-exclusive fabrics for an abrasion-resistant, water-resistant exterior and a groundbreaking foam alternative with excellent cushioning and wicking properties. Designed for a fine-tuned, active fit, Resolve includes wide straps and a padded frame that comfortably mold to the body, enabling the pack to move with you on the trail.

Beyond functionality and high performance, as part of our Endless Promise® collection, the Resolve series delivers a very distinct and essential advantage: It is designed to stay out of the landfill, forever. Durable, adjustable, and easily repairable, Endless Promise packs are intended to remain in use as long as possible — but when they do finally reach their limit, NEMO has taken responsibility for ensuring that they can be fully recycled.

This recyclability design challenge sparked two major material innovations. First, our new CERO™ fabric is woven from solution-dyed fibers, has a tear strength up to 3x higher than the industry standard, and is also up to 20x more water-resistant than other packs on the market — perfect for those unplanned downpours! It’s also made entirely of recycled (and recyclable) PET.

Likewise, instead of traditional unrecyclable foams for cushioning, we’ve introduced CCubed™, a recycled and recyclable material that avoids harmful off-gassing seen with EVAs. In addition, CCubed cushioning is 97% air which, unlike foam, allows it to quickly wick away sweat and help it evaporate. Body-mapped to your sweat zones, this results in a noticeably drier and cooler pack experience, even on hot summer days.

These two brand-new, high-performance materials are accompanied by the features you expect from a quality pack — with a few surprises. Side pockets are adjustable to accommodate even the beefiest water bottle or an extra layer. A hidden security pocket keeps valuables stashed out of sight. And the removable compression system can be configured to the side or bottom of the pack to keep your load secure or enable additional items.

We expect Resolve to be on the trail for a long time, but when it’s taken its last trip, it can be sent back to NEMO for total recycling, preventing any further waste and enabling it to live on as new gear for the next adventurer.



  • Recycled CERO™ fabrics used on Resolve are solution dyed to reduce water waste while promising excellent strength and waterproofing.
  • Positioned at the body’s heaviest sweat zones, the CCubed™ recycled, recyclable cushioning wicks away sweat and helps dissipate body heat and moisture.
  • NEMO takes full responsibility for all Endless Promise® products, from production to end of life, and designs them for total recyclability to stay out of the landfill.
  • By accepting the challenge of mono-polymer construction and building Resolve™ from just a single type of material, this product is fully recyclable, further keeping waste out of the trash.
  • Wide, flexible shoulder straps conform to the body for immediate and long-lasting comfort.
  • The active-inspired geometry creates a pack that moves with you, without disrupting your journey.
  • A large panel load compartment easily fits larger items, like a hydration bladder or extra layers.
  • A hidden security pocket keeps valuables stashed away and secure while shoulder strap pockets can house snacks or other easy-access essentials.
  • Adjustable side pockets keep water bottles easily accessible and can expand to house an extra light layer or rain jacket.
  • 2 removable compression straps can move from the bottom to the side, to keep your load secure or lash on extra items.
  • Protected by the NEMO Lifetime Warranty.

What's Included?

  • Compression Straps

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